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APR Performance & Car Tuning in Santa Clara, CA


At Precision Motorworks, we offer some of the highest quality repairs and maintenance services for a wide range of European and domestic vehicles. We know that your luxury vehicle is very important to you, which is why we offer performance tuning services. Your automobile may be performing great right now, but with APR’s quality car performance tuning solutions, you will be able to maximize your car’s performance. As an authorized APR dealer, we are your one-stop shop for all repairs, regular maintenance, and performance tuning. Our Santa Clara European auto repair shop will take care of your car performance tuning solutions, ensuring that they are of the highest quality. Some of the most exhilarating experiences come on the open road, especially when you have modified your vehicle’s performance. We can help you design a plan to get the most out of your automobile, adding only the necessary tweaks and enhancements. Whether you own an AudiVolkswagen or Porsche, we have the car performance tuning solutions in Santa Clara that you need for the optimal driving experience.


There are several factors that affect the performance of your luxury car. Understanding how these factors work to produce the results you see can make the benefits of precision tuning your vehicle even clearer.

  • Engine output is one of the biggest factors that will ultimately affect your vehicle’s performance. There are several characteristics of the engine and its function that determine output, which affect the details of the combustion process within the engine. When combustion is more efficient, the vehicle’s engine can create more power, which is then converted into greater torque that turns the axles and moves the car forward. Engine output can be adjusted by making physical changes, or by adjusting the vehicle’s computer firmware or software.
  • Vehicle responsiveness also plays a part in vehicle performance. When the driver accelerates, a more responsive engine can deliver greater power more quickly. Making changes such as shortening the time it takes to change gears and even adjusting the size of the tires and rims can greatly impact your vehicle’s responsiveness to your power and acceleration requests.


We know that when you need to update your automobile, you want the highest quality car tuning solutions. With the proven reputation of APR and our factory-trained technicians, we will provide your vehicle with the ultimate enhancements. Our sole focus is bringing better quality performance car tuning solutions for Audi, Porsche, and VW vehicles. Some of the performance tuning products we carry for APR include the following:

  • ECU upgrades for engines
  • RSC exhaust systems
  • Carbon fiber intake intercoolers
  • Turbo systems
  • Optimized braking systems
  • Suspension components
  • Modular boost tap and PCV bypass systems


After construction, many vehicles are “dialed back” by their manufacturers. However, luxury car owners often purchase their vehicles specifically for performance and handling. Performance tuning will ensure you enjoy the ride you want by specifically adjusting your car’s behavior to match your desires.

  • Vehicles are meant to be driven—performance tuning allows you to enjoy your luxury vehicle to its fullest under exhilarating and challenging road conditions.
  • The right precision tuning service will maximize your engine’s efficiency and increase your vehicle’s stability while on the road, which will increase the value of your vehicle and offer added safety during demanding drives.
  • Performance tuning is the only way to enjoy a completely personalized ride. You deserve to drive a luxury car that delivers exactly the type of performance you want; your auto technician can help you evaluate your preferences to customize every aspect of your vehicle’s output.

We also have a number of other performance upgrades available for different vehicles. Whether you want APR tuning solutions or you are looking for an alternative option, Precision Motorworks can provide a solution. Our team offers super performance car tuning solutions. You can contact us to start discussing your vehicle’s performance upgrades.